At Troentorp we are committed to crafting quality clogs that not only look great, but also enhance comfort. The design features of our clogs have been developed by a multi-generational group of Swedish craftsmen, fashion designers, working professionals, and expert shoe-makers. Collectively, their design emphasizes style, arch support, anatomical correctness, structural integrity, and long-lasting comfort. 

Troentorp's Ideal Sole features a shock absorbing polyurethane that is non-skid- ASTM 1677 Mark II Certified. Our famous steel toe Picasso is impact compression certified ASTM F 2412-05. Our closed-back clogs feature a protective heel counter that stabilizes the foot and protects the heel. 

For over 100 years, Troentorp Clogs have been made with the same anatomically contoured, alder wood footbeds. Even with all the technological advancements of the 21st century, Troentorp has found no need to replace alder for artificial materials. When made with the proper design and technique, alder has proven to be the ideal material for arch support, versatility, and sustainability. Its durability and light weight make it the preferred wood type for clogs. Alder also has natural moisture absorption and odor resistance which makes wearing socks optional. Lastly, alder is a common tree found in Europe; it is renewable resource that allows our factory to recycle scrap to heat our facilities.

The heart of Troentorp is the orthopedically correct footbed. Alder wood is used because it can be carved to the anatomical shape of the foot, providing strong arch support that does not break-down or lose its fit. The firm arch support evenly distributes pressure, cradles the foot and stabilizes it in a consistent position. In other words, your feet have less strain and do less work. 

Support in the arch of the foot is very important for those who stand on their feet long hours. Arch support equally distributes weight and pressure across the foot, relieving strain on the feet. It also promotes proper posture and alignment throughout the body which can relieve leg and back strain. 

Troentorp Clogs all feature rocker bottoms soles. The rocker bottom promotes a 'heel-to-toe' step which is the proper walking stride.   

Troentorp Clogs are hand-nailed; not stapled. The durable steel-shank nails securely fasten the leather to the footbed. 

The uppers are made from leather hides that come in matte, patent, and nubuck finishes. All the leather is wet lasted which means it is pre-stretch and properly shaped. More about wet-lasting.


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