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United States

Is there a product warranty on your clogs?

We guarantee our products to be free from manufacturing defects for a reasonable amount of time after purchase.  Normal wear and tear is not considered to be a defect.   Troentorp clogs do not carry a lifetime guarantee.   Shoes purchased from unauthorized sellers and third-party auction sites are not eligible for warranty claims.   To find a list of authorized retailers, please consult our Find A Store section.  

Do you offer replacement heel pads?

While the heel pads are purely decorative, we do offer replacement pads free of charge. 

What if my clogs need repair?

We no longer offer buckle repair, but can supply the replacement parts .   For all other repairs, we recommend contacting a professional cobbler.

Can I use orthotics with my clogs?

We do not recommend using orthotics with our clogs as the anatomically contoured footbed is already corrective.  

Why is there a small hole on the top of my clogs?

In the manufacture of the clogs, the last is nailed on to the footbed before the leather is stretched on to it.  Once the leather upper is attached, the last is removed leaving a small nail hole.   The last hole is considered a mark of authenticity.   

Why are there two websites for Troentorp?

Troentorpsclogs.com is the Factory website.   Many of the shoes featured on that website are not readily available in the US.   If you are interested in ordering a custom pair of clogs, please contact Anna-Lena at info@troentorptoffel.se.

I used to wear Båstad, are these the same clogs?

Yes, the name was changed in the 2000's due to a trademark issue.   

What is the difference between the Original and Ideal soles?

We offer two wooden clog bottoms, Original and Ideal. The Original bottom is our classic wood bottom developed around 1957. The Ideal bottoms were designed in the early 1990s with a polyurethane sole to make the clogs softer to walk in. The Ideal sole also offers greater slip-resistance on wet and oily surfaces.  Both bottoms have the same foot bed and heel height.  

Do you offer a steel toe clog?

The Picasso and the Pablo feature a steel toe that is ASTM F 2413-11 certified for Impact and Compression.  

Do you have an outlet store?

We have an outlet featuring scratch & dent, past seasonal and discontinued styles located within our general offices that is open to the public.   Hours are 9:30am - 3:30pm; Monday - Friday.  The outlet is not open on major holidays.