The Troentorp Clog Blog

The Troentorp Clog Blog

My Clog Story: June 2015

by Kylie D. on 06/11/15

Welcome to our newest blog post, featuring "My Clog Story", customer submitted stories about Troentorp Clogs!  Anyone can submit their story for the chance to win a FREE pair of Troentorp Clogs! Submit your Clog Story to us today by emailing:

Below is Hilary's Story:

I grew up near London but cherished our annual holiday in the small seaside village of Shaldon in South Devon (in South-West England).  My parents had been visiting since the 1950´s so we knew many of the locals and regular visitors, and it always felt like a home-from-home.

As the sandcastle-building, rock-pooling, sticks-of-rock and ice creams of childhood rolled into teenage years, my love for the village grew more intense (partly due to an unreciprocated holiday infatuation) and I desperately wanted to live there, but as my father had a career in London it was an unrealisable dream.

Around 1976, the Clog Shop arrived in Shaldon, and the local youth (along with the not-so-young) were all wearing the fabulous Bastad Troentorp clogs. Of course I followed the craze and I felt like I was part of the village “scene” - how I loved those plain black leather clogs with their fat strap and a large silver buckle. They looked so good with the flared jeans that were the fashion of the time.

In common with most other clog-wearers, the clogs were used remorselesly on the beach - they were frequently doused with salt water, and the the wooden sole soon took on the deep brown-red colour of the sand.

The following summer I added to my collection with a pair of Audubon - evocative of the time but it was a nightmare to shine the leather without getting the dark blue polish on the white stitching. Clogs were still very much on-trend in the village, and the new ones become the “best” pair with the originals being even more badly treated - it makes me shudder now to think of the punishment I subjected them to!

By the time the next season arrived, the Clog Shop had disappeared from the village, so I had to wait for another 12 months when  Mum, Dad and I made a pilgrimage to the the other branch of the shop in nearby Brixham.  Here I bought a pair of white strap-and- buckle clogs which had an ornate hole-punched design accentuated with stitching.

At the time it seemed like an eternity to wait, but it was only to be two more years before I moved to the seaside town of Exmouth, just a few miles away, to begin my college studies, along with my beloved clogs. Within 18 months I´d bought the first in a long line of motorbikes, fulfilling a long-held ambition . As clogs and bikes don´t mix too well (for safety reasons) the clogs were relegated to the back of the wardrobe.

For the last 23 years I´ve been living in Spain; this, along with my Dad´s retirement and parents’ move from London to Devon (only a few miles from Shaldon), has meant that somewhere along the way the clogs have been mislaid (I really can´t understand this, as we never throw anything away). 

Life has moved on, and the gift of a much-loved baby girl (now seven-and-a-half), and building a house, has meant the motorbikes have been parked in the garage (ongoing but not forever!). Forced by necessity into 4-wheel transport I recently began yearning once again for clogs as comfy and practical footwear ....

I was amazed to see the wide range of clogs now produced by Troentorp - there are so many more designs and colours than I remember being available in the 1970’s! I covet your clogs, I so badly want to wear Swedish quality again but unfortunately the household budget doesn´t stretch that far just now - so I guess for now I´ll have to go Swedish-clog-free, unless the clog-fairy decides to visit me .

Hilary-Southern Spain

My Clog Story - January 2015

by Kylie D. on 01/20/15

Welcome to our newest blog post, featuring "My Clog Story", customer submitted stories about Troentorp Clogs!  Anyone can submit their story for the chance to win a FREE pair of Troentorp Clogs! 

Below is Chris' story:

After a childhood of watching my grandfather and father clop around on simple black Troentorp clogs, I bought myself a pair at the age of 14, just going into the 9th grade. 

That same pair of clogs made it with me through high school and then college. They carried me to 9 different nations, through years lived abroad in Germany and Sweden, and from US coast to US coast. 

They supported me as I walked the floors after both my children were born. No matter what the season or the weather, I wore them so hard that the wooden soles cracked and broke. My toenails wore through the leather. 

Finally at the age of 31 after 17 years of service it was time for an upgrade. I bought my new pair to take me into a new chapter in life as I make a career move to massage therapy. 

My new pair is like a good omen that I put on every day, reminding me of how far and how much the old pair took me through, bringing promise of what is to come for me as I walk through the next 17 years. - Chris S. 

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The Return of the Originals from Troentorp Clogs

by Kylie D. on 07/23/14

After nearly 30 years, it’s time that we announce the Return of the Originals!  You may remember, back when Troentorp Clogs was known as “Bastad” clogs; that our bases looked a little different than they do today.

The difference is in the out-sole, the polyurethane or PVC area that protects the wood from the elements and acts as a shock and sound absorber (no clomping around!).

The Original base featured a slim out-sole that was introduced on our innovative wedge-style base back in 1957.  The Original base became the standard in clog design and one of the most prolific shoe bases ever produced.

Troentorp unique soles

In the early 1990’s, Troentorp Clogs began researching different types of out-soles that were more geared towards safety for different professional industries. Thus, the “Ideal Base” was born.  This base is loved by many who are looking for an ASTM certified skid-resistant base.

… But there was something missing.  Our devoted followers came to us asking for a sleeker style of clog, something from the past, perhaps?

The answer is here: The Troentorp Clogs Original Collection


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