The first pair of Troentorp Clogs were made over 100 years ago in the small farming village of Troentorp, Sweden. The founder, August Johansson, was a skilled cobbler that brought his spirit of innovation to clog-making. He spent many years of his young life trying to reinvent the methods of clog-making to produce a clog that was superior in comfort. In 1907, Johansson’s ambitions manifested as he opened his own clog factory, Troentorp Sko. Johansson was devoted to improving the efficiency of production and quality of his alder wood clogs. This devotion to comfort and craftsmanship has allowed Troentorp to thrive into the 21st century.

Today, Troentorp Clogs are still handmade with the same anatomically contoured, alder wood footbeds set forth by Johansson. Even with all the technological advancements of the 21st century, Troentorp has found no need to replace alder for artificial materials. When made with the proper design and technique, alder has proven to be the ideal material for arch support, durability, versatility, and sustainability. The unassuming comfort of Troentorp Clogs have made it a 'hidden gem' in footwear. Here is why Troentorp Clogs have been worn or generations:

The heart of Troentorp is the orthopedically correct footbed. Alder wood is used because it can be carved to the anatomical shape of the foot, providing strong arch support that does not break-down or lose its shape. The firm arch support evenly distributes pressure, cradles the foot, and stabilizes it in a consistent position. In other words, your feet are under less strain and do less work. Back strain is also relieved as your posture is enhanced by the arch support. 

Alder wood has natural moisture absorption and odor resistance which makes socks an option. Since alder holds less heat than artificial materials such as plastic and rubber, your feel will cooler in temperature. 

Troentorp clogs are hand-nailed; not stapled. This is the authentic way to make clogs. Our clog-makers use skills and techniques that have been passed down for generations. 

Troentorp Clogs feature a shock absorbing polyurethane outsole that is non-skid- ASTM 1677 Mark II Certified. Our famous steel toe Picasso is impact compression certified ASTM F 2413-11.

Wet lasting is the process of soaking leather in water and then pre-stretching the leather into a desired shape.  Wet-lasting is a rare technique used in clog-making but we find it necessary to achieve a comfortable and properly fitting clog. More about wet-lasting.

Troentorp Clogs are a natural product—made and packaged with renewable, recycled, and natural materials. We select, cut, and mill our own alder wood, and we recycle our scrap and saw dust for heating our facilities. 


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